Rosie McCobb is a multidisciplinary creator, communicator, project manager, and director skilled at branding and crafting narratives through writing, photography, art direction, and designing spaces. She has also hired and managed interior and exterior renovation and construction crews, sourced materials, furniture, textiles and art work for projects, and decorated & hosted two sought-after AirBNB properties.

Rosie was born and raised in Massachusetts, and spent her early years in the rural North Shore area working on many writing, drawing, and crafts projects, and pursuing her love of being outside in nature and playing sports. A life-changing cultural exchange to East Germany before the Berlin Wall came down, and living in West Germany when she was 17, solidified Rosie's interest in history, and understanding and learning about other cultures.

In her adult professional life, Rosie's work has taken her through many industries and projects, in publishing, music, hospitality, movies, design, furniture, arts, non-profits and the medical/healing realms. The common theme in all of her work - whether it be written, visual, spoken, project-managed, or provided for as an environment - is to communicate in an enticing, lively, and approachable way. As a photographer, art director, and designer of spaces, Rosie utilizes bold color, minimalism, and positive energy, and mixes it up with inspiration, details, and cues from the subject or environment.

Rosie spent over 30 years based in both Boston and New York City. Highlights included writing, directing and shooting a short-film called MRS., which screened at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston and Brooklyn Film Festival; writing articles and marketing copy for companies as varied as Timeout Travel Guides, The Girl Scouts of America and Puig Cosmetics of Spain; publishing as a writer and photojournalist in; acting as co-president of her Brooklyn block's gardening club and securing a grant for sidewalk landscaping from the Citizens Committee for NYC; running her own photography business in NYC; and collaborating with teams to produce build outs and styled interiors photo shoots that appeared in Architectural Digest and Elle Decor. After 21 years as a proud New Yorker and Brooklyn resident, Rosie started craving a simpler lifestyle and the natural beauty of her rural childhood: she is currently based in the heart of the fields, streams, and mountains of the Hudson Valley and Catskills in NY state, and is open to new collaborations with individuals or businesses in need of written, environmental, or visual branding/styling.

Photographer and designer, Rosie McCobb