Film projects


Cindy Napolitano, an Italian-American living in Boston's Charlestown neighborhood, is all set to receive her "MRS" from local catch, Enzo Napolitano. According to her co-workers and friends, she's got it all. But how come she's starting to feel sick, like there's a "little pit in her stomach," as the big day approaches? Originally shot in 16mm black and white film, on location in Boston, Charlestown, and Melrose, MA. This film screened at the Museum of Fine Arts' "Boston Film Art's" series, the Brooklyn Film Festival, Women Make Movies, and others. Written, directed, shot and edited by Rosie McCobb.

dawg walkin'

It's a hot, steamy summer in the city, and someone's got to get up, get out, and walk the dog. Ms. X, yet again, can't wake her snoring boyfriend, and it's up to her to hit the streets and navigate her way around what she perceives as the city's frequent annoyances. But Ms. X experiences one reality, while her clever and loyal pooch sees something else entirely. During dawg walkin', it's a fine line between endurance and titillation. Shot in 8mm black and white on location in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and written, directed, shot and edited by Rosie McCobb.